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Time Keeps Freezing.

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Hello, this is my third time posting since you keep deleting my posts for help. When I start virtual bus the time freezes straight away and i cant do anything. I have to close it with task manager. Please help me this time, because I'm to give up if you don't help me. This is a really good game and I don't want to have to give up on this.. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM ASKING. Thank you.


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1. We have deleted your thread only once, because:
2. This topic has already been discussed an uncountable amount of times. VirtualBus does not simply run on any PC - it needs some computing power from both the CPU and the GPU (though mostly the latter). You have not provided your system specs, so based on the simulator's behaviour, we assume your system is too weak to handle it properly.

Now go ahead and read some relevand threads, maybe you can compare your PC specs.