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Problem with line on display

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How appear line on display with this controler?

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I thought we had a schematic showing how to operate this thing somewhere on the forums, but it actually got lost.

- everything needs to be done using mouse;
- first off power on the device with the red power button;
- to set the line number and destination: click "L", enter the line number, confirm with "Enter", enter the number of the destination (usually 1 or 2) and confirm again
- to view the timetable, click "P"
- "C" is the key for erasing input or going back to default screen from timetable
- if you need to input a letter, click the appropriate digit and then use the arrow buttons
- on the default screen, the "#" button (with a red "K" on it) turns the ticket validator lock on and off (it's just an aesthetic feature)

I hope this helps :)
Oh, and consider uploading screenshots in JPG format, to avoid large file sizes.