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Problem with sounds in A6E

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Hello everybody i have a problem with sounds in version A6E. In the game run sounds only for solaris urbino (they are in game original) but downloads buses do not work (all is OK but sound do not work). Sorry for grammar i´m from czech republic :).


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So... It's writed here but it's in Polish, so You must translate this.



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A6E introduces a new 3D sound system, which involves some fairly easy to do (though not so easy to explain) changes in the audio files and the configurations.

Basically, the sounds need to be single-channel (mono), which you can achieve in Audacity (split a stereo track to two tracks, set them both to mono, then merge back and export to WAV), and have to be placed in a subfolder inside Sounds. Then you need to have a Sounds.cfg file in the same folder as the bus model. There you define all the sounds necessary. A good thing is to copy that file from a Solaris bus (of an appropriate length, e.g. 12m) and just modify the file paths and adjust certain values with Notepad.

The lines inside Sounds.cfg are for:
ES c,x,y,z,r,f1,f2 - Engine start and stop; file 1 is for the start, file 2 for the stop
EN c,x,y,z,r,f,vm,vc,vx - engine running sounds - there can be as many of these lines as you like, each adds a sound which is played in a loop at a certain level of engine rpm
AX c,x,y,z,r,f,vm,vc,vx - axle sounds, or any other sounds related to the vehicle speed; usage same as with EN
DO c,x,y,z,r,d,f1,f2 - door opening and closing sounds; file 1 is for opening, file 2 is for closing
DB c,x,y,z,r,d,f - door warning bell sound
TI c,x,y,z,r,f - ticket validator lock (triggered from the display boards control panel)
BL c,x,y,z,r,f1,f2 - blinker sounds
RE c,x,y,z,r,f - reverse warning beep
RS c,x,y,z,r,f - stop request sound
HO c,x,y,z,r,f - horn
BA c,x,y,z,r,f - brake air pressure release
AN c,x,y,z,r - the point where the stop announcements will be played from

And the variables are as follows:
c - the section of the bus, in which the coordinates are located (for single buses, use 1; for articulated buses use 1 and 2 for the front and rear sections respectively)
x - x coordinate of the sound source, headed towards the right side of the bus
y - y coordinate, headed upwards
z - z coordinate, headed towards the front of the bus
r - distance from the sound source, within which the sound will be heard at it's full volume
d - the number of the door, to which the opening/closing and bell sounds are bound
f (f1,f2) - sound file names
vm - minimum speed (in km/h or rpm) at which the sound will be audible
vc - the speed at which the sound will be loudest
vx - maximum speed at which the sound will be audible

I hope that I explained it well, and that some experiments will lead you to hearing your buses ;)