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I'm new in virtualBus community, and I think that you will able to help me.
I tried to download new modal. I downloaded the rar file to my desktop, and through WinRAR program I extract it to C:\Program files\VirtualBus\Models\Bus name. but when I open VirtualBus.exe, I can choose only MAN lion's city(default). how can I add the new bus to the program correctly?
please help me!


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You translate from Polish :

Adding new maps to VirtualBus

When you enter the section "Maps" in the download, you will see that for each map are needed to act scenery files - you can also download them to map to work properly (copy the URL specified in the description of the map to the bar of the browser to navigate to the file scenery) .

When you download both packs, use WinRAR, WinZip or 7zip (attached at the bottom of this tutorial) to unpack them. Then you'll have to put them in the appropriate folders VirtualBus. Here we go.

Files Map and schedule

Mapping files are those with the extension. MS1 . These files ( these files directly , not folders with them) in VirtualBus \ Maps (an example of the full path - C: \ Program Files \ VirtualBus \ Maps \ plik_mapowy.ms1 ) . Make sure that you do not create a double foleru , ie do not put your map files in such a way - VirtualBus \ Maps \ Maps \ plik_mapowy.ms1 - simulator will not read .

Some maps are files with the extension . RS1 . These are additional schedules - are not required to run the map , but can be useful if you get bored of standard timetables . To " install" , do the same thing with map files ( . MS1 ) . The simulator additional distribution can be selected by selecting the map in the list and select the desired distribution from the dropdown below.

files scenery

When you unpack the required scenery packages , you will see that there is either a "Scene" folder , or named differently . If the package is unpacked folder "Scene " , just throw it to the root directory VirtualBus (eg C: \ Program Files \ VirtualBus ) and confirm the merge folders , and if you are prompted - also confirm to overwrite files. If the package contains scenery folder / folders other than the "Scene " , put these folders in VirtualBus \ Scene (as well as the maps , watch out for the double folders - avoid placing the folder scenery in VirtualBus \ Scene \ Scene \ Folder_scenerii_mapy - VBus not load the map this ! ) .

And that's it - you can now run the newly added route or map ( do not worry, route and map it 's just the same thing ;)).

Adding new bus models and textures to VirtualBus

Please download buses or texture that you want to have in the simulator , and extract them (such as maps and sceneries - you can use 7zip to -a).

Models buses

Packages with buses usually contain a folder named just like a bus . If so, put that folder in VirtualBus \ Model ( and here also watch out for the double folders ) . If the package contains a folder named "Model" and possibly other folders , such as " BusEngine " or "Tab" , place it in the root directory of vBus and confirm the merge folders.

Texture ( painting) models

Firstly, to install the painting to your bus, you need to get the appropriate model of the bus - in our downloads system, an appropriate model is displayed as a URL in the description of the painting (usually under the heading "Required Accessories " ) .

Once you have installed the appropriate model , place the folder inside the folder with the painting of the same model - VirtualBus \ Model \ nazwa_busa \ nazwa_tekstury . And that's it - you now select the newly added program start painting VirtualBus . Note - This setting is not saved , each starting VirtualBus you choose the right paint .

Adding traffic systems to map

It's a fairly new feature vBus and is still in the early stage of development . However, if you have a good , fairly powerful PC and your game will not cut down ( you can not see " frame- ') on the map , you can try adding to the traffic map (maybe ... Railway '). You need to find a suitable parcel of traffic to your map ( not every map there is traffic, and there is no universal movement for all maps ) . Click here to go to the " Movement " in the download .

Once you download the package with traffic , unzip it (like maps and buses - 7zip is a great solution ) . If it contains folders like "Traffic ", " Maps" , just place them in the root directory of the simulator (again , accepting the merge folders and taking on double folders ) . If the package contains a variety of traffic files ( extension. MS1 . TR1 . VT1 ) and some folders - insert files into the VirtualBus \ Maps , and these folders - if they are not "Traffic " and the like - toss to VirtualBus \ Traffic .

Do not forget to turn on the traffic in vBus options !

If something does not work ...

Try to install additional content to make sure that you have everything that may be required.

Elements of propulsion systems

You may need additional definitions of engines and gearboxes - you can find it here ( click) . After downloading , unzip it and place the "BusEngine" folder in the root directory VirtualBus , confirming merge folders.

If this does not help , either the problem is not related to the bus , look for similar symptoms of error in subjects in the "Help " on the forum - we recommend to look for the themes , before assuming the self that do not clutter.

Article compatible with the version VirtualBus A6C RC3 .