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Announcement: A few of additional rules Posted by Butelka


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This announcement is an addition to the board rules.

The first thing to write about is that we do NOT accept any posts like "i've seen this add-on somewhere". Post a direct link to a file, attach it to the post or publish in our files system ("Pliki" link above). Of course, you can place a link to a small site, where an author publishes his add-ons, or a virtual company site, but NEVER link to other VBus forums, add-on centers, etc. without pointing directly to the required file or text.

Another point is that many people posted buses that they wish to be made for VirtualBus. I answer to all of them - they will not be made, for a simple reason: add-on makers or don't really want to make those models, or they don't have time for it. Do NOT post "wishes" on the forum. If you wish an add-on to be created, ask one of add-on makers directly, eg. via PM, email and so on. The "requests" part of the forum is intended to use as a place for SEARCHING add-ons, not posting wishes.

I hope you understand, that want to keep VirtualBus Forum tidy. Please follow these rules, and everyone will be happy.